Invisalign – Clear Plaque Treatment

Invisalign – Clear Plaque Treatment

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile and white teeth; however, some of us hesitate to smile confidently and proudly show our teeth for different reasons. The consequences of this can be both sociological and psychologically damaging. Well, why don't most of us get orthodontic treatment support in such cases? Would you believe, one of the biggest reasons for this is the non aesthetic appearance of the usage of the metal braces!
 Of course, this hesitation is not that hard to understand; Although the treatment ends with a perfect smile, traditional metal braces can cause many negative effects on people who use them, especially the physical appearance which they cause. 
Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and ever-evolving dental practices, an alternative to metal braces has emerged: Invisalign orthodontic treatment.Click the link to contact us.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic solution that allows teeth to be straightened without the use of braces. Transparent, smooth and durable plastic is molded into individual molds to form a series of plaques that sit on each tooth. Every two weeks, the patient replaces the old plaque with the new one, and at the end of this process, the teeth take their desired positions.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Treatment?

When the question is related to the advantages of the invisalign treatment, you should discuss the matter in detail with a qualified orthodontist to decide whether this method is the best one for you. However, the main advantages of the invisalign method for patients are as follows:

1. Being invisible: The most important feature of the Invisalign treatment is that it is invisible. Your colleagues, friends, spouse and family will see your teeth in their most natural state instead of seeing a string of metal wires when you smile, which will provide you with unpredictable confidence and comfort. 
2. Comfort: Although the process of getting used to the transparent aligners that should be used during invisalign treatment is a bit difficult, it is obvious that you will have a much more comfortable treatment process than traditional metal braces after you get through this process. Standard braces can cause swelling and sores in your gums and make it very difficult to eat or even talk. On the other hand, the transparent appliance within the scope of invisalign does not cause any of these discomforts.
3. Removable: Another great advantage of this wireless orthodontic treatment is that you can remove the transparent appliance whenever you want. It is possible to put your plaque back on with a single movement while eating or brushing your teeth, and you can put it back on with the same easiness.


How Is Invisalign Treatment Performed?

The first step in getting started with Invisalign treatment is to determine if this treatment method is truly the right treatment for you. In most cases, the invisalign method will be as effective and efficient as the other traditional braces methods; however, when it comes to advanced tooth alignment disorders, our orthodontists may prefer other orthodontic treatment methods instead of invisalign.

Another advantage of the Invisalign method that should not be overlooked as is it receives support from 3D visualization technology. With this technology, you can see what kind of result you will get before starting the invisalign treatment and you will have a much more comfortable treatment process. Once you are certified as a suitable candidate for Invisalign, you are ready officially to begin the treatment. Firstly, our dentist will place the fixtures on which invisalign will be attached to their teeth. With these fixtures, a mold of your teeth will be created and invisalign plates will be produced specifically for each treatment stage. The production will be carried out in a professional and sterile environment, only by the experts of this treatment and delivered to the patient.


It's time for the most enjoyable part of the treatment: The best part of the Invisalign treatment is that no one has to know you have had your teeth done. You wear your Invisalign aligner for a total of 22 hours a day, including your sleep time. For most patients, if the treatment procedures are followed properly, the duration of the treatment is at the most for 20 weeks.
It also counted that the fact in being removable among the prominent advantages of the Invisalign treatment. Plaques that can be removed when you want to eat or brush your teeth promise you a much more comfortable treatment process. On the other hand, it should be known that the desired results cannot be achieved in cases where invisalign aligners are worn for less than 22 hours a day. Do not forget that the working logic of invisalign aligners is to regularly apply pressure to the teeth to bring them into the desired position, to ensure their displacement. If this pressure is applied intermittently and irregularly, the teeth may not take the desired position and of course the treatment time will be prolonged.


The fact that the transparent appliances allocated in Invisalign are removable also means that you can clean them whenever you want. To clean your clear aligners, all you have to do is removing them, brush them using a soft toothbrush and a quality toothpaste, and then dry them. If you smoke, consume coffee or tea excessively, you should know that your plaques will turn yellow and stains will appear on them in a much shorter time than you think.
During the treatment period, our dentists will invite you to our consulting room every 4-6 weeks on average. During these visits, the development of your teeth will be followed and modifications will be made where necessary. At the end of the treatment, both you and your environment will witness this great change and enjoy having a healthy smile.


Who Can Have Invisalign Treatment?

Regardless of your age; If your permanent teeth have completely come up and taken to their optimal size, invisalign will be an alternative orthodontic treatment for you. Invisalign, which is the first method that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic orthodontic treatment, as it is a unique method that allows you to have perfect teeth without having to endure the aesthetically deficient appearance of traditional braces. Of course, as we have mentioned before, you should visit our consulting room and try to get the opinion of our professional dentists to confirm whether you are suitable for the invisalign treatment method.


Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Which dentist should I see in order to receive Invisalign treatment?
Before starting Invisalign treatment, it is very important to do a comprehensive research to find the experts. Any qualified dentist can perform invisalign treatment; however, physicians who are specialized and experienced in this field can provide more support, especially in complicated cases. Our clinic provides professional services in all wireless orthodontic treatment methods, especially invisalign, and helps you achieve quality results.

What are the Invisalign prices?

Invisalign treatment prices may vary according to the individual situation and what the patient  needs. Prices may also vary depending on how complicated the patient's teeth are. Just contact us to get detailed information about invisalign prices offered by our clinic.


How do the plates used in Invisalign treatment leave a feeling in the mouth?

In this treatment method, since the movement of the teeth is quite heavy, almost no pain is felt during the treatment. It is quite normal to feel a little bit of sensitivity in your teeth and gums as you move from one plaque to another. Precisely this sensitivity is an indication that your invisalign treatment is working.


Will people notice the transparent plaque on my teeth?

Although the plaques used during the treatment are transparent and almost completely invisible, in some cases, the people around you may express that they observe a change in you, but cannot figure out exactly what it is. Plaques are invisible to the naked eye, but they can make your teeth look brighter. Almost all of the patients who received invisalign treatment in our clinic state that no one noticed their plaques during the treatment.

Will there be any changes in my speech when the Invisalign aligner is attached?

No. It is quite natural for you to feel a difference in your mouth and go through an adaptation process the first time you put on the clear plate; however, after you get used to the plates, you continue to talk as if they don't exist in a few days.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Depending on the crowding of the teeth, invisalign treatment can take from 4 to 12 months. If you want to reconstruct your teeth that you had previously fixed with traditional methods, this process may take up to 6 months with invisalign. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning again that the duration and development of each invisalign treatment may differ from person to person.


Are the Invisalign aligners fixated to the teeth like metal braces?

No. We can say that these transparent plaques, which can be attached and removed just like the mouth guards used during sports, are a much thinner and transparent version of the guards. That's why when you change them every two weeks and have the new one, you will see the better effects of it.

If you want to have your teeth corrected and have a perfect smile without spoiling your aesthetic appearance, you can contact our clinic to learn about our invisalign treatments and make an appointment right away.

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