Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment

When it comes to teeth and gum problems, one of the most serious problems you may encounter is known as tooth decay. Dental caries, which has the potential to affect everyone from 7 to 70, including babies, children, adolescents and adults, can lead to unwanted dental disorders if not treated in time. Although it can be controlled in the early stages, when it is late, dental caries can go down to the root of the tooth and make that tooth completely ineffective. Root canal treatment, which is the number one savior for patients in such cases, is known as the most effective treatment method in dealing with dental caries.Click the link to contact us.

What is the Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment aims to open a hole on the problematic tooth, to reach the natural cavity of the tooth and to eliminate the problems caused by the inflammation and the decayed parts through this cavity. The part we refer to as the "channel" appears as the natural cavity in the middle of the tooth. The pulp chamber inside this cavity contains the dental nerves and other dental tissues. Your teeth are in a structure that can function without dental nerves; However, when the pulp tissue is damaged, the structure of the tooth changes, causing you to suffer physically more in pain and sensitivity. The extreme sensitivity will be clearly noticed especially to the temperature of the food you eat or the beverage you drink is exactly related to the damage of the pulp chamber.
Before giving detailed information about root canal treatment, it is necessary to examine in what situations a tooth has reached the point of needing root canal treatment. Defects in the tooth enamel, which forms the outer layer of the tooth, are the primary factors that cause tooth decay. It is possible to show the consumption of sugary drinks and food as the most common reason for this. The harmful bacteria that accumulate in the dental plaque after the consumption of this type of food, eats and damages the enamel little by little, making the dental bone under the enamel vulnerable, which puts your teeth in a much more open position for cavities.
Although these decays can be repaired by the beneficial minerals secreted by the salivary glands in the initial stages, unfortunately it is not possible to apply this organic method for an advanced level of cavities. In such cases, it becomes necessary to visit an endodontist. When it comes to side effects such as tooth infection, tooth root damage and excessive tooth sensitivity, the intervention of an endodontist specialized in root canal treatment is essential. Our physicians, who will try to find the most suitable treatment method for you, will usually decide on a comprehensive root canal treatment and will want to start the treatment as soon as possible.

We mentioned that the root of the root canal treatment is the technique of reaching the natural cavity of the decayed tooth. After reaching the cavity, the dentist removes the pulp tissue and nerves, cleans the inside of the tooth and protects the tooth by buffering it to prevent further damage.  The main reason for removing the pulp chamber is to prevent harmful bacteria that may occur from being a host. Re-infection of the tooth is prevented by removing the pulp chamber.

When Should Root Canal Treatment Take Place?

Root canal treatment, which is one of the first dental treatments that comes to mind when  tooth treatment is mentioned, should only be performed by professional dentists and endodontists who are specialized in their field. Root canal treatment is the last solution to be resorted to when it comes to the treatment of decayed teeth; Therefore, before the decision for root canal treatment is taken, the tooth in question should be examined in detail, the extent of infection in or around the tooth should be determined, a dental x-ray should be taken at necessary points, and only then it should be concluded that a root canal treatment is the definite solution to this situation.

Although root canal treatment is a procedure that patients approach with fear, the results of the root canal treatment obtained by the professional hands of our endodontists in our clinic are completed painlessly and without any problems, and the patient is satisfied.

So when should root canal treatment be applied? If you feel constant pain in one of your teeth, if you are hypersensitive to heat and cold, if it hurts when you touch the area where the tooth is located, and if you can detect a discoloration on the tooth, you are most likely a suitable candidate for root canal treatment.

How is root treatment done?

As we have just mentioned, most of the patients hesitate to start root canal treatment and approach this process with fear. One of the biggest reasons for this fear and anxiety is that they basically do not have enough information about how the treatment takes place. Realizing that root canal treatment is a systematic and constructive treatment, the majority of patients agree to start treatment with much higher self-confidence and less fear.

If the problem in your tooth is getting worse, it would be beneficial to consult a root canal treatment doctor who specializes in tooth root and tooth nerves. In the first place, your doctor will ask for an x-ray and will determine the condition of the tooth, the shape of the root of the tooth, whether there is an infection around it and the level of progression of the inflammation, all can be clarified by the x-ray. After these determinations are made, it will be time to plan the root canal treatment. This process can be completed in a single session, or it may take several sessions depending on the condition of your tooth. If you have a serious inflammation in your tooth, your doctor may request to use of oral antibiotics before starting the treatment and may want the infection in the decayed tooth to dry. Even if this is not the case, it is possible to have root canal treatment even during the your session with the doctor. In short, such timing situations are completely at the discretion of your dentist.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

“Does root canal treatment hurt?” The question, of course, is one of the most curious questions comes from patients undergoing endodontic treatment. First of all, it should be noted that this treatment is done to end the pain caused by infection and swelling in the pulp tissue. The main purpose of root canal treatment is to restore the tooth to its former health and save it from pain-causing infections and bacteria. That's why, although it is an uncomfortable process, the pain you may feel during root canal treatment is incomparable with the pain caused by the decayed tooth itself. As you won’t feel anything during the procedures currently performed under anesthesia, it is possible for you to have a painless and comfortable recovery process with effective painkillers that our dentists will write to you after the effect of anesthesia has passed.

It is absolutely natural for your treated tooth to be sensitive for the first few days after your treatment is completed. In order to alleviate the pain, you should follow the instructions given by your dentist for the post-treatment period, put as little pressure on the tooth as possible, and perform your dental care regularly.

Root Root Canal Treatment Prices

Depending on the complexity of the problem in your tooth, root canal treatment prices may also vary. Single tooth root canal treatment prices, of course, have lower prices than multiple root canal treatment. However, compared to the tooth extraction, which is another alternative to the treatment, the root canal treatment prices are more affordable.

It should not be forgotten that the root canal treatment is a healthy and effective dental caries (tooth decay) treatment method that offers tested and approved results. Root canal treatment, which is designed to eliminate the diseases that may be caused by caries in your teeth, is a method that can provide one hundred percent satisfaction both before and after root canal treatment, if performed by our expert dentists.
If you want to get detailed information about root canal treatment prices, find a solution to your aching tooth and regain your healthy teeth accompanied by our professional physicians, it is possible to contact our clinic and make an appointment immediately.

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