Cad Cam – Digital Dentistry

Cad Cam – Digital Dentistry

CAD CAM, which is also known as digital dental design or digital impression systems, is the most advanced and up-to-date system developed by technology to provide a serial, digital and modern dental treatment. The CAD CAM technology, is mostly prefered by patients as it is painless, fast and problem-free orthodontic treatment, and it is frequently used in many areas of dentistry, from implant treatment to prosthetic teeth.Click the link to contact us.

What is CAD CAM?

In order to understand the place of CAD CAM in dental treatments, first of all, it is necessary to understand exactly what CAD CAM technology is. In its most basic form, CAD CAM is a system that carries a product from the conceptual stage to the concrete production stage with the help of computer programs. The system has two phases, CAD and CAM. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design while CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. The CAD CAM, in general is used in cases which are supported by the computer software in product designs, and completed by physically processing and producing models and designs prepared by the software programs.
If we look at the place of CAD CAM in the dentistry sector, it is possible to say that the image of the teeth is taken in the CAD sight of the process, and the tooth design prepared in the by the CAM sight goes to the production stage.

What is CAD CAM Technique in Dentistry?

Before the CAD CAM technology, to create a model it was necessary to take measurements in the mouth and this comes by creating a model then by pouring plaster into the into these specific measurement to be able to make the wanted design by the wax-like materials. When it comes to the production stage, this restoration, which was designed by wax or similar materials, would take its final shape by being molded and they are completely handcrafted. With the CAD CAM technology, at the stage of completion of this restoration, the data of the tooth which should be fixed is transferred to the computer with the help of a 3D scanner inside the mouth, and the design of the restoration is completely carried out by the computer. The restoration design prepared on the computer is given to production with the help of advanced turning devices, so that the final version of the model is revealed. The restoration design which is prepared on the computer is given to production by the help of advanced turning devices, with it the final version of the model is revealed.
If we want to know in which stages of dentistry CAD CAM systems are used, it is possible to say that it has become an increasingly widespread network usage. It is possible to say that CAD CAM is used in many different fields of dentistry, especially crowns and bridges, laminates, inlays and on-lays, porcelain restorations, prosthetic teeth, implant planning and implant treatment. The CAD CAM technique is also a method that can be used when we want to detect any pathology in the teeth and gums.
At the core of this system, which is also known as the Cerec system, is the concept of three-dimensional optical measurement. Intra oral cameras that can take three-dimensional optical impressions allow 3D images to be obtained from inside the patient's mouth.
At the core of this system, which is also known as the Cerec system, is the concept of three-dimensional optical measurement. Intraoral cameras that can take three-dimensional optical measurements which allow the 3D images to be obtained from inside the patient's mouth. The data obtained by the computer programs are suitable for this purpose also the processing and the production starts by sensitive devices with the help of computer software.

What is the Digital Dentistry and What Does It Do?

Digital dentistry, which is directly related to CAD CAM, also appears as a modern dentistry method that is frequently used in recent times. Digital dentistry consists of three different stages: digital scanning, digital design and digital production. Digital scanning essentially means taking measurements in digital environment. The patient’s teeth will be scanned so that they will be processed by the 3D with the help of digital scanners, so the 3D image of the tooth finds its place in the virtual environment. In the digital design phase, the 3D scan images that have been transferred to the virtual environment become the desired design. Processes such as the shape of the tooth, the frames and the alignment with the gingiva are designed in a computer environment and gain a new dimension which is very close to the real one. Finally, during the digital tooth production, the teeth created and designed on the digital three-dimensional imaging screen are produced and brought together with the help of three-dimensional printers in the digital dental laboratory. This model, which is fully compatible with the patient's mouth and teeth, is applied to the patient after the final controls.

There are many advantages that digital dentistry brings with it. It is possible to list some of them as follows:
1. It shortens the dental treatment duration significantly: Treatment stages, which would take at least 2-3 sessions under normal conditions, can be completed in a single session in a clinical setting by using the computer system, and the entire dental treatment can be ended in less than 2 hours. This process, which has a very advantageous feature for both the dentist and the patient, is very effective and time saving.

2. Aesthetic materials with a high level of biological compatibility are used: When it comes to orthodontics and dental treatments for patients, the most important point is of course aesthetic concerns. Cerec applications and digital tooth designs, which provide the closest aesthetic appearance to nature, and it also offers the convenience of using biologically reliable materials for physicians. Materials that are not easy to process in traditional methods can be developed and produced much more easily by using the CAD CAM system.

3. It is different from conventional tooth impression taking techniques: In the Cerec 3D dental applications, the method of measuring with wax, which we have mentioned previously, has been completely abandoned and it is very much different from the conventional tooth measurement techniques. With this measurement technique the much more tiring, traditional and old-fashioned methods are replaced by the digital and the optical measurements. With the high-resolution and laser-assisted intraoral cameras, micro-level measurements of the patient can be taken, without causing any side effects or reflexes to the patient. In addition to that, digital impression taking also minimizes the risk of infection compared to the traditional one.

4. The probability of error is close to zero: Continuous improvements in digital dentistry have minimized the failure factors related to the “human” factor.

5. It has been proven as a result of clinical studies that implant treatments increase the success and aesthetics: Placing implants with digital dentistry is a frequently used method, especially recently. The images of the missing tooth area obtained using the 3D Cerec system are compared in the computer environment, revealing the possible restoration possibilities 0wing to the 3D software. In this way, the ideal implant placement angle and depth are determined.

Who Would Prefer CAD CAM and Digital Dentistry?

To determine whether you are a suitable candidate to be included in the CAD CAM system, you must visit our clinic and be examined by our physicians. As we mentioned before, the methods used in digital dentistry can be used in different dental treatments such as inlays, onlays, laminated teeth, crowns or bridges. If the problem in your teeth can be solved with one of these treatment methods, then you are most likely a suitable candidate to be treated with the CAD CAM system. However, these factors may vary depending on your age, gender, bone structure and the position of the tooth you want to treat.
You can call us to get more detailed information about the CAD CAM technologies and the Cerec systems and to learn about the digital dentistry and the Cerec 3D dental prices, also to make an appointment with our clinic.

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